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Florida's Submetering Company Local: 727-595-2300 Toll Free: 1-888-455-8333

Fewtek, Inc. is Florida's choice for full service submetering. Our company provides smooth, efficient
billing services and a full range of installation designs. Our services include:

  • Timely Monthly Reimbursements
  • Helpful Toll-Free Resident Support
  • On Schedule Water Billing Cycle.
  • Easy to Read Reports
  • Smooth, Efficient Changeover from your Previous Water Billing Service
  • Experienced and Quality Customer Service

Fewtek, Inc. has made many smooth transitions for property managers or property owners from their existing unsatisfactory service to our efficient billing service. Our experience means we know what problems to anticipate and what to do to resolve them. If water usage in your community is a problem, we can help!

If you want a company that is too big to remember your name, Fewtek is not for you. If you want a
personal, efficient billing service that can handle your submetering needs, contact us today!

What is Submetering?

Submetering is a system that allows residential and commercial property managers, mobile home
park owners, builders and developers, or any multi- unit property to measure individual utility usage and bill tenants for that usage.

Fewtek provides submetering and billing for water and sewerage usage as well as other utilities throughout Florida and the Southeast.

Why Submetering?

  • Submetering is the fairest method for charging for water and sewerage usage.
  • Submetering lowers the overall cost of water and sewerage to your community.
  • Submetering simplifies the annual community budgeting process.
  • Submetering results in a major conservation of water and sewerage resources

When people pay for what they use they don’t waste water!